Lampshade Colours

Our shades are hand made. Fitted shades are balloon. Lined in gold or white, russe braid is extra. Please see our price list for prices.

The silk colours and russe braids shown are our most popular colours.

We can supply over 100 colours to match your decorating scheme.

We are also able to recover your existing lamp frames and to manufacture shapes to your specific requirements.

  • Black Habotai

    Black Habotai

  • Silver Habotai

    Silver Habotai

  • Light Navy Habotai

    Light Navy Habotai

  • Pistachio Habotai

    Pistachio Habotai

  • Pale Blue Habotai

    Pale Blue Habotai

  • Light Antung

    Light Antung

  • Dusky Pink Habotai

    Dusky Pink Habotai

  • Dark Antung

    Dark Antung

  • Pewter Habotai

    Pewter Habotai

  • Cream Habotai

    Cream Habotai